Shiny Acorn is a web design + development studio that makes modern, savvy and easy-to-use websites.

How Can I Help?

My website is embarassing or nonexistent.

Deep breath, it’s ok. Site Bright is here to save the day. Now booking!

I want to say bye to Etsy and sell on my own site.

Own your shop and keep more of your profit. Opening soon.

I need designer help, like all the time.

The retainer program was made for you. Not currently booking.

About Shelley

Designer + developer for 8 years. Biz owner for 5 years. Mom for 3 years. I’m into all the techy designy stuff so you don’t have to be.

What is Shiny Acorn?

It’s about starting with an ordinary idea and turning it into something beautiful, special and shiny. An idea that will grow into much more than it’s humble beginnings. With cultivation, experience and time, it thrives. So can you. Want to read about my journey to Shiny Acorn?

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