6 Must Haves For Your Homepage

Your homepage is usually the most visited page of your website. (Your About page is #2). I like to think of your homepage as a mini preview of the rest of your site. A way for people to get a glimpse of you and want to read more and dive into your site. So there should be just enough content to entice visitors to click. While there’s certainly room for creativity, there are 6 elements that you need to include:


make sure it’s on every page, and links to your homepage. Check that the resolution is clear and it looks good on desktop and mobile.

Clean and simple menu

Your navigation isn’t the place to get creative. Keep everything about it simple. Clean font (I usually use a nice sans serif), good spacing, and very legible. Keep the page names very basic. Good page names: About, Services, Work with Me, Blog, Contact.


State who you are/what the end goal your clients achieve/who you work with in a succinct way. I suggest keeping your headline 1-2 sentences max.

Photo of you

Sharing a photo of you increases the connection people feel when reading your site. They can picture you writing it. They can start to feel like they know you.


Place your opt-in near the top of your site. Since newsletters are a pretty hard sell these days, it’s a good idea to include an incentive for signing up. Could be a PDF, video, worksheet, email course, Facebook group access, something like that. Talk about the incentive and then put a button for visitors to sign up. (Here’s how to make an opt-in)

Intro paragraph

This should be an expansion of your main headline. So further explaining who you are, what you do, and who you do it for. Focus on the benefits. You can link to your About page from here, or Services if that feels more appropriate.



If you have a few services, you can have a short overview on the homepage, linking to your individual service sales page (here’s why you need a sales page) or to your main Work With Me page.

Blog posts

If you’re spending the time to blog, make sure you’re sharing it on your homepage. It’s a great place to put recent or favorite posts and lead your visitors to your blog.


If your testimonials are really strong, include one to three on your homepage. Make sure to put a picture of whoever said it next to it. Keep them short though. One to two sentences for people that are scanning.

Featured on

If you’ve been featured on prominent websites/publications, share it in a social proof section. You can just write: “Featured On” or “As Seen On” and put the logos. This is a big social proof boost.

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