Signature Branding Package

Shiny + strategic branding for creatives, makers and every hustle in between

The Signature Brand Plan gives your business the solid (and stylish!) foundation it needs to grow.

You have a business. But do you have a brand? A great brand is more than pretty designs and a polished Instagram feed. It’s a message to your readers, an experience for your customers, and a rallying cry for your dream clients. A great brand builds trust, bridges the gaps, and brings your business forward. And it all starts with intentional, strategic design.

Instead of DIY-ing your own logo (yikes!) and scrapping together stock photos, The Signature Branding Plan gives you a clear, cohesive online identity that makes sense for your business and rings true to your audience.

No more confusing your customers with generic logos and cheap designs. A pro brand can empower your business by clearly communicating who you are, what you do, and how you can help — all in a way that’s sleek, strategic and cohesive. All you have to do is dive deep to discover your core motivations, visions, and values. I’ll craft the details. Together we’ll create a brand identity that is more than pretty — it’s purposeful, powerful, and gets you paid.

Signature Branding is for…

  • Soloprenuers with 1+ year of biz under your belt
  • Small businesses ready to up-level with a clean, polished, professional look
  • CEOs, owners, and makers who know their expertise, dream customer and ideal biz
  • Businesses with signature services and products…that still aren’t attracting the right customers

You don’t want to DIY a disaster. After a decade in the trenches designing for magazines, editorials and advertising, I craft brands that are polished and ready to implement. And they’re more than skin deep. Every element of your brand design will communicate a desired message to your dream audience. When we’re done working together, your brand will be able to speak to customers in their own language. You’ll be able to start conversations — and convert readers into buyers — with confidence and ease. Your brand will be a multi-dimensional workhorse for your business, from print to digital.

What you get…

  • Brand type identification
  • Target market research
  • Brand strategy statement
  • Moodboard development
  • Logo and alternate logo
  • Stock photo selection
  • Custom color palette
  • Brand typography
  • Secondary brand detail elements like textures, patterns, colors, and icons
  • Business card design
  • Social media banners design

Plus a 15-page Brand Guide that provides all design files and actionable ways to use your new brand.

Shine bright with a new brand.

Stand out so you can start selling. Get started today.

Let’s do it!

How it Works

Before I draft a moodboard or design a logo, we’ll dive deep to truly understand you and your business. Through in-depth workbooks and surveys, we’ll uncover the direction of your business. Finally, we’ll jump on a call to go over everything and make sure we’re on the same (exciting!) page.

We’ve done the hard work of uncovering who you are and how your business works. Now it’s time to learn more about your business’ mission, motivations, and core strengths. What are you best at? Who do you serve? By clearly defining your customer, target audience, and values, we can craft a brand that rings true to you and your customers.

Finally, I’ll present your visual branding for your review. Think colors, logos, secondary design elements and brand new, branding business cards. You’ll hae everything you need to introduce yourself and your business to the world.

Find out what you’re missing, what you need, and what you could do better.

Discover a better brand.

Let’s do it!